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Not Just a Massage

I booked my first appointment with Carrie for a deep tissue massage and I have to say that this is not just a massage but
a “BODY REPAIR SHOP”. I felt so great after I was done. I will certainly be booking another appointment at Carrie’s
Caring Hands....Thank you Carrie! Christine

Extremely Satisfied

I had been suffering with intense pain in my lower back and down both of my legs to about my knees.
The pain was so severe I could not put on my shoes without pain. After two days of suffering I went and saw Carrie.
I told her my symptoms and she said it was probably my sciatic nerve and though she made no promises she thought she
might be able to alleviate the pain. I must admit there was some extremely painful moments on her massage table but Carrie
was sympathetic and said that she knew the pain was bad but had to do the procedures to help with the real pain.
Once I got off the table the pain from my sciatic nerve was basically gone. I could put my shoes on and there was only
slight discomfort and that was gone the next day. I wholly endorse Carrie, she did cure my pain and the massage was
extraordinary as well. I believe that she is the best massage therapist in the entire metro area. Jerry

Good Professional Massage

Very easy to set up an appointment with Carrie. She provides a very good therapeutic and professional massage.
I will certainly revisit...Vince

Happy Customer

I highly recommend Carrie. She is good at what she does and cares about her clients.
She is the real deal...Sarah

I Hurt So Bad...

Before I seen Carrie I was unable to stand upright. My neck, shoulders, arms
and back were killing me. I had been seeing a chiropractor for several months
and things kept getting worse. A friend of mine gave me the phone number to
Carrie and I have to say that after the first session I was feeling a whole lot better.
I have continued to see Carrie and receive a one hour session and my neck, shoulders
and back feel so much better. Best money I have ever spent. Don

Pain In Lower Back

I had never had a massage in my life up until six months ago when a friend of mine
seen how I was walking and standing. He then took me to see Carrie and I have to
tell you that I would have never believed that massage could make all the difference
in the world. I am a senior and have never felt so great thanks to Carrie. I see her
on a regular schedule of every two week and that is one appointment I do not miss.

I Feel Great

I have been coming to see Carrie for two years now. What prompted me to find
a massage therapist is that I am a very active person that likes to ride bike, downhill
ski and work out in the gym. For the last two years Carrie has kept me in shape
so that I am able to do the things I like now that I am retired. I don't wake up in
the mornings and struggle to get out of bed. My muscles do not hurt anymore like
they did before I found Carrie and it has been the best money I have spent on myself.
Thanks Carrie!!! Peter


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